The exciting adventure of two young boys on their first real road trip together, "Delivering The Laundry" by Jeffery Jones is based on a true story as experienced by the author. It will tug at your heart and will make you smile.

"As he continued South on US 23, the miles seemed to be getting longer and the night grew darker. The shadows of the large poplar, birch and evergreen trees beside the roadway cast by the brightly lit Moon seemed to morph into dark and menacing creatures. With help from the Sandman, now inching closer to the speeding van, trying to close a circle around him."

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Delivering The Laundry


From "What Are They?" by Jeffery Jones

"Huddled close together with their backs against the headboard of the old bed, the quilt pulled tightly under their chins, the boys waited for more than an hour not once hearing an unusual sound. They started to relax and began to believe that perhaps the menacing visit would not come after all. Not able to keep their eyes open any longer, soon after they each drifted off to sleep."

What would you do if you encountered monsters in the middle of the night? Find out how these three boys survived their midnight rendezvous.

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What Are They