The first story by Michael Jones to be published, "The Trip," recalls a family trip taken when he was a young boy to the "wilderness" of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Ride along and experience this wondrous place through his awestruck eyes.

"The mighty Mackinac Bridge loomed large as we approached it. When you see “The Bridge” for the first time, it’s hard not to be impressed. If you are 7 years-old, it’s impossible! Every one of us kids inside jockeyed for a better position to view the behemoth through the windshield of our old “63” Ford Econoline van, which we had named. I know it sounds kind of funny, but let me explain; in honor of what was to be our first family trip we decided to take the first two letters of each of our names, oldest to youngest and bestow the result onto the van. Therefore, BUd, HArriett, DOnnie, JEff, JUlie, SHelly, MIke, DAvi and RIck became "BUHADOJEJUSHMIDARI." Quite a mouthful, but we loved our old van."

The Trip


Looking for another adventure? Well look no further! "When We Moved Up North" by Jeffery Jones tells the true story of an amazing adventure. A story that reflects in its own little way the social turmoil that besieged our country in the late 1960's and early 1970's, all while maintaining a sense of humor.

"You might think it would be easy to have a nice day under those circumstances. I mean being young boys with all that free time on our hands, but did I mention the truant officer? I don’t recall his name, but I remember his gold badge. It seemed at least three times a week he would chase us all over town, trying to catch us for skipping school! We would run, ducking in and out of alleys like two AWOL sailors trying to find a safe refuge. I didn’t understand why since we were under suspension we still had to go to school and “The Man” was chasing us. Looking back now, almost forty years later, the whole thing seemed quite sporting and proved to be most daring."

When We Moved Up North