Have you ever wondered if you really are getting a good deal or not? In "A Bad Case Of Tonsillitis" by Jeffery Jones, you will see how his cash-strapped mother negotiated quite the bargain for a required medical service for her family.

"As the sun began to sneak its way through the window blinds, so too did a nurse and two orderlies seemed to spring from the shadows unnoticed. With all of the demeanor of a boot camp Drill Sergeant, she ordered the orderlies to hold me down whilst she delivered the dreaded pre-op shot. I don’t know if she had been briefed by the previous shift, but this “Nurse Diesel” certainly was prepared. Although I fought back with all the vigor of a house cat being run through a shower, I lost. The pre-op hit home, directly in the right buttocks. It wasn’t but a moment or two before I was strung out on the bed, looking forward now, to the rest of this story."

Follow the hilarious twists in this true tale...

A Bad Case Of Tonsillitis


Every family seems to have that one uncle, you know the one! Well, come along for the ride in this funny and entertaining story by Jeffery Jones, "Uncle Wade Hole." Careful, or you might get caught up in the wild, crazy and exciting antics of his family's one-of-a-kind uncle...

"I’m not sure who was the first to lose their grip, but eventually someone did, and within a matter of seconds of each other we all came tumbling down the bed, out the back and ended up in a pile on the street, right in front of our house! I was somewhere about mid-way amongst that pile, my legs and arms tangled with those of one of my cousins. Uncle Mike emerged from the cab to inspect his "cargo” laughing a deep belly laugh now. “Well, it looks like it works ok,” he said."

Uncle Wade Hole