"A Boat Is A Raft Is An Oil Drum?" is a delightful coming of age story by Jeffery Jones & Michael Jones. It recounts in a Mark Twain kind of way, their adventures during a long ago summer. Climb aboard and join them as they float their way right off the pages and into your imagination with the help of beautifully simple illustrations by Michael Jones.

"What had started as a cool and slightly misty dawn was now transformed into a warm hazy morning. The still backwater of the marsh came alive. The resident snakes, frogs and turtles each searching for their respective breakfasts. A loggerhead turtle slid from his perch atop a warm grassy mound, disturbed by the bending cattails created as the silver hull of the “S/S TEXACO” emerged from its sheltered harbor and into the tranquil waters of our unnamed sea."

A Boat Is A Raft Is An Oil Drum?


In this truly inspirational Christmas story, Michael Jones will take you on a journey of exhilarating highs and devastating lows. You will cry at the heartbreak, and you will laugh at the whimsy. Annie and Deanna struggle day-to-day, holding on to each other, trying to exist somehow. Incomplete until the magic of the "Father's Message" refreshes their lives.

"She remembered how she got out of the car and raised the hood, checking the battery cables. She had seen her ex-husband do this before with some effect, and thought it would be wise to try something. Of course, she also said a simple prayer. “Please God make this work!” Then she told Deanna to “Hit it.” The engine turned over one time, and then “click, click…click.” Totally frustrated, she grabbed the hood and slammed it shut. This was accompanied by a very loud… “OH CRAP!” It was then that she heard it, a man’s voice, “Excuse me, can I help you?”

Fathers Message